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Flag Pole Industry

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Flag Poles

Lock Seam Tubing is formed from all Types of Metals either Plain or Pre-Painted, Tin Plated, Galvanized, Pre-Polished, Pre-Laminated Vinyl, Pre-Anodized, Pre-Plated, Pre-Embossed, Aluminized, Galvanealled, Strippable Pvc Covered, for all your Flagpole needs. Inline Fabricating Available: Ends Swaged, Holes, Cut-To-Length in 2 Or 3 piece sets. Any Lengths Possible.

  • Sets Available from Lock Seam Flagpole Tubes
  • Our Lockseam Tubing Poles are tight and will not break open when Bent, or Flattened, or Twisted.
  • Strippable PVC Protection can be added to Lockseam Tubes for Protecting Decorative Finishes, as shown below on our Stainless Steel Flag Poles. PVC Covering is great for Solid Brass, Brass Plated or Lacquered Finishes.
  • We Provide Economical Thin Wall, with Pre-Finishing and/or Inline Fabricating.
  • Custom Wall Thickness can be provided with our Special Tooling. 
  • Standard Crate or Carton pack are provided however custom packaging needs, additions of your other materials and assembly can also be provided such as bagging, drums, etc as well.

Standard Flagpoles are 3/4" OD round and are produced in 2 and 3 piece sets but our lock seam tooling exists for both 1" OD and 5/8" OD Round pole sets economically priced. Other custom diameter sizes can be made with tooling.

Lengths are generally 2ft and 3ft but we can vary length as needed. One or many different lengths with and without holes or swage, can be provided.

Special End fabricating can also be provided inline during production on standard and custom poles such top end roll edge, special fit for eagles, bottom tube special fit for bracket and/or flattened end staking with points for ground insertion.

Fits of one tube inside another can be produced on standard and custom tubes to vary from fall apart loosely when lifted to medium tight and very tight fit hand press fit that won`t fall apart when lifted, as needed.

Standard thickness is generally .0141 or less, however some prefinished does become available at low cost in thicker wall up to .024 thick at low cost. Fits must be monitored closely when making thicker poles.

Contact us today for a quote on our various types of Steel Flag Poles, Stainless Steel Flag Poles, Banner Tubes and Much More!

Clear Painted Tin, Stainless Steel, Tin Plated Steel, Brass Paint over Tin, White Painted Steel and White Painted Galvanized. Solid or Plated Bronze, Brass, Copper. Stainless, Bronze, Brass and Copper can be finished bright, satin or a plain dull finish. Bronze, Brass and Copper may have a clear lacquer coating for protection as well as strippable pvc.


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