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Shade Rollers

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Shade Rollers

Johnson Bros. has been a manufacturer of Shade Rollers for the Roller Shades industry for many years. Even major shade corporations find it conducive to purchase their Shade Roller tubing from us. Qualities that make Johnson Bros. the best choice in the Roller Shade industry are: High Quality, the Right Raw Material used, Standard and Customized Roller Tube diameters made to fit any end brackets. A thicker seam inside the tube to act as a stop to prevent an end bracket from rolling unless the tubing rolls with it, Low Pricing, Standard Lengths(also known as Widths) and cut to Non-Standard Lengths, Standard and Non-Standard samples are always available, Engineered Double Sided Tape is applied to withstand humidity and temperature changes. Quick turnaround time from Order to Delivery date, thru Stock Roller Tubing for standard sizes and Stock Raw Material for custom sizes and more.

*High Quality:                                                                                                                    
There are very Specific Quality Requirements for Tube Rollers. A Tube Roller must be Straight, very Straight. Our Shade Rollers meet that straightness criteria for both the locked seam and the tube length itself. Packaging requirements are provided to keep each “Tubing Roller” safe from bending through normal shipping practices and then some. Special cartons and skids are designed to provide this for our Tubing Rollers.

*The Right Raw Material:
Prepainted White Tempered Steel in .018 through .021 are used as standards to get the best quality at the best price possible in the Rolling Shades industry. White can be switched to other colors when a lower priced color in the correct temper or hardness becomes available. Material temper is key to provide less sagging after our White Rollers is installed. Tempered Steel is stronger than Aluminum and becomes the smart choice for when Stronger Tubes with Less Sagging is needed at installation. Bend tests have shown this to be true. Both sides of the White Roller Tubing are painted inside and out as would be any lower priced color prepainted finish available. Some customers may prefer even a lower priced material called Galvanized. A Galvanized coating is a less expensive and longer lasting coating but can be harder to gain a good adhesion for the double-sided tape applied or it may have a longer term adhesion problem required. If there are many windings left around a shade roller after being fully extended, the galvanized coating with tape may be acceptable for you. Custom Thicknesses can also be obtained. Our thickness capabilities are from .012 thick up to .024 thick on most sizes. Larger Diameters are more likely to have a thicker metal capability. Besides White Rollers, Stainless Rollers can also be obtained upon special request. Other Prepainted colored raw material is kept in stock but usually only in the thinner ranges, unless higher volume is possible.

*Standard and Custom Size Diameters:

The most often requested standard sizes we offer are:

  • #F-1, 25mm
  • #J-1, 1”
  • #F-1.125, 1.085”
  • #G-1, 1.225”
  • #L-1, 1.235" with Spline Groove
  • #J-2, 1.250”
  • #F-2, 1.430”
  • #G-2, 1.455”
  • #J-3, 1.500”
  • #F-3, 1.650”

Custom sizes would be anything besides these, however we can make our tubing at any diameter that is close to the sizes above, to fit any End Bracket Mechanism, you will need to be using. It just needs to be close and we can adjust our size especially for you. Since 1948 we have been one of the 1st and premier manufacturers of the locked seam tubing produced as tubing for these roller tubes. We offer a wide range of round sizes from ½” up to 1.650” and we are capable of even a 3” round size. Squares, Rectangular, Hex and other special types are also manufactured.

*Standard Lengths(Widths) and Non-Standard Lengths(Widths):
Johnson Bros. manufacturers both standard lengths which may be in stock for quick shipment such as 12ft or 16ft lengths. Non-Standard Lengths can be anywhere from        10” inches long and longer for more than 16ft long and wouldn’t be kept in stock unless volume is high for a given length not given here. 

*Double Sided Tape has been applied during the tube’s forming operation to save costs. This tape has been engineered and tested to withstand as many variations in temperature and humidity as possible. Of course you can purchase shade rollers without this tape to save a lot on the cost of the roller and you may find your own, different double sided tape  if you need to. We have some customers who require the double sided tape in 2 or more places around the diameter, along the length, as well. The straightness of the tape down the length of all our roller tubing is also provided. This is a critical need for some of our customers so it is provided for all. Below you will see some examples of our tubing for rollers but this is only a small representation of the types of Locked Seam Tubing we manufacture.

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Parts are produced to order and stock reserve only kept for large blanket order shipping releases. Existing samples may or may not be available. Prototypes for large orders are feasible.

[TU-004]([TU-004.jpg]) - Shade Rollers
PDF  |  TU-004 |   CAD File
[324]([324.jpg]) - Shade Rollers
PDF  |  324 |   CAD File
[820]([820.jpg]) - Shade Rollers
PDF  |  820 |   CAD File
[854]([854.jpg]) - Shade Rollers
PDF  |  854 |   CAD File
[TELETU-004]([TELETU-004.jpg]) - Shade Rollers
PDF  |  TELETU-004 |   CAD File
[904]([904.jpg]) - Shade Rollers
PDF  |  904 |   CAD File
[910]([910.jpg]) - Shade Rollers
PDF  |  910 |   CAD File
[911]([911.jpg]) - Shade Rollers
PDF  |  911 |   CAD File


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