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Sink Legs for Bathroom, Lavatory, Laboratory, Rest Rooms and other sink Locations.

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Bathroom Sink Legs and Lavatory Legs are manufactured by Johnson Bros. Standard Sink Legs are made in Polished Stainless Steel in a 7/8 Hex Tube. The Hexagon Tubes, sometimes referred to as Sink Bars, have a strippable pvc covering which peels off easily before installation to protect the finish of the Sink Support Legs up until they are installed for the best possible finish. Sink Legs may be purchased to be used as new construction Sink Hardware or as Replacement Legs for existing sink installations.

Besides the 7/8 Hex Lavatory Sink Leg, other sizes are available without a requirement new tolling to produce them. The Tooling aso exists for 3/4" Hex Sink Legs and 5/8" Sink Legs. Other materials may be used besides the standard stainless steel used. Chrome Sink Legs and even Aluminum Hexagon Tubing Sink Legs may be produced for your needs. Special requirements such as: Brite or Brushed Chrome Plated Solid Brass, Anodized Aluminum, Brushed Finished Stainless, Solid Brass Brite Polished or Brushed Polished with a Lacquer Coating Protection, Even Bronze solid or finished metals are all capable of being manufactured at Johnson Bros. Thicker metals can also be manufactured as needed. Sink Parts like our Hexagonal Sink Legs, Towel Bars, Sink Rack Tubing and others, are all made in our Lock Seam Tubing styles. You can find our more about our Lock Seam Tubing. Many other sizes are possible. You may also want to check our Towel Bar page as well. A video of our white painted steel lock seam tubing production can be viewed at this link: The Lock Seam Tubing Sink Legs we manufacture are made using pre-polished and pre-coated strippable pvc.  The polish nor pvc is damaged in anyway during production. The strippable pvc is removed around the lock seam before the tube is produced so there isn’t any residue or ripping off of pvc required before installation. It peels off easily with no residue left at the seam area and elsewhere. Johnson Bros. has been manufacturing pre-finished lock seam tubing this way since our beginnings in the 1940`s. Samples can be provided easily and quickly. Next Day is possible for sample deliveries and for full cartons. Sleeved Sink Legs can also be provided as a custom request. Standard Sink Legs are carried in stock for quick delivery, on large or small quantity orders.

Johnson Bros. has a minimum order of one carton. We do not supply sink legs for individual consumers. Our sink legs are not provided with any other hardware unless there are high enough volumes. We can provide you with a source for the accompaniment sink hardware or individual legs should you need it with lower volumes.

Other uses for Sink Legs we manufacture are as Sink Tub Legs, Utility Sink Legs, Console Sink Legs, Hexagonal Shower Rods using the standard 7/8 Hexagon Tubing as well as the 5/8" and 3/4" hex tubes used as Towel Bars and Sink Rails. Request a quote today for Sink Legs, Lavatory Legs, Sink Bars, Bathroom Sink Legs, Replacement Legs and more.

Lock Seam Tubing

3/4" Hex 7/8" Hex

*5/8 hex also available with in-house tooling.

Parts are produced to order and stock reserve only kept for large blanket order shipping releases. Existing samples may or may not be available. Prototypes for large orders are feasible.

[845]([845.jpg]) - Sink Legs for Bathroom, Lavatory, Laboratory, Rest Rooms and other sink Locations.
PDF  |  845 |   CAD File
[TU-003]([TU-003.jpg]) - Sink Legs for Bathroom, Lavatory, Laboratory, Rest Rooms and other sink Locations.
PDF  |  TU-003 |   CAD File


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