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Price Card Holders for the Display Industry

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Johnson Bros. has been serving the Display Industry for decades. Throughout that time there have been many changes and additional roll formed products that have been developed and perfected to meet that need. Here is a partial list of products along with page links from our website where you can find more information about these products:

Price Card Holders have evolved over the decades from being thin painted tin plated with a small face to become a Price Card Holder with a wider face in all types of metal, sizes, increased thicknesses, raw steel for post finishing after assembly and more. Please use this link to access all our information about Price Card Holder.

Another Roll Formed product that is made for the display industry are Shelf Tubes. These Display Tubes are used as supports under corrugated display shelving for greater loading weight capacity on the shelf. The ends may be normal for end fixtures that are inserted or they may be flattened and bent. Most ends are flattened then bent once. However there is also an application which requires 2 bends after flattening. In both cases there are slots in the corrugated shelf to accept the tubes. Another use for our Lock Seamed Tubing in displays is for Display Poles. These display poles can be another term for Shelf Tubes or it more often is meant to apply to vertical poles at least 4 corners of a display. Many times the poles are meant to fit perfectly into orifices in plastic display shelves or the poles may have additional fabrications to allow a shelf corner to attach to it. For more information about the tubing we make for the display industry, please go to our Lock Seam Tubing page.

Frames, Channels, Frame Channels, Mouldings and various other products are made for our Display customers. Please use these links to access some of the pages in our site covering these types of roll formed products used in Displays:

U-Channels & J-Channels
Frames & Diffusers, Grills, Baffels
Profiles, Mouldings (Moldings), Special Shapes & Sections
C-Channels & Box Channels
Channel Profiles
Price Card Mouldings
More About Price Card Hardware


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