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Channels metal channel, stainless channel, steel channel, aluminum channel, brass channel

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The most commonly used and requested Roll Formed Metal Parts are "Channels".

Johnson Bros. is number #1 in the country with Existing Tooling for U-Channels & J-Channels, many C-Channels and Hat Channels. We manufacture all types of metal channels including aluminum channel, stainless channel, and steel channel. In recent years Johnson Bros has produced over 250 different U-channels & J-channels alone from an .060" O.D. wide web through a 19" O.D. wide web. Legs up to 5-1/2" O.D. high are possible with a .075" maximum thickness and 4" O.D. high legs are possible with a .156" O.D. maximum thickness. Thicker maximums than .156" and .075" thick, are possible in aluminum. Some of these U & J channels have equal legs, unequal legs, and/or legs bent over and under 90 Degrees. There are even some U & J Channels that have Hemmed Legs for strength and no edge burrs. There would be too many different sized existing channel dies to list in a table on this page. U & J channels with equal legs bent to 90 Degrees are the most common type of channel and the most commonly existing tooling we have is for this form of channels.

Types of Channel

Channels can be a catch-all phrase for many differently shaped Metal Profiles, however Channels are generally accepted to be in the following most widely used categories:
  1. U-Channel & J-Channel.
  2. C-Channel, Cees & Box Channel, Open Seam Tubing & Tubes, that are both Square & Rectangular Channels with Return Flanges.
  3. Hat Channel, Hats, & Channel with Outward Flanges.
  4. Strut Channel & C-Channel with Inward Flanges.
  5. All other unusually shaped metal profiles some consider as channels, i.e., Z-Channels, etc.
Channels are made with all types of metal, but the most popular Metal Channels are stainless channels, steel channels, and aluminum channels.

Most Common Industries where Channels are used

A Channel is used for almost all industries for any possible application such as in this brief summary of other Channel terms: Protective Edges, Holders, Covers, Framing & Frames, Inserts, Decoration, Trim, Cladding, Brackets, Tracks, Slides, Posts, Standards, Supports, Reinforcements, Stiffeners, Railings, Rims, Rings & Clamps, Purlins, Subgirts, Girts. (Many other styles of Roll Formed Profiles have these same descriptions, however.)

Additional Channel Information

Tooling for U & J Channels with Legs at 90 Degrees is most common and rarely are there any tooling costs associated with these providing it meets our minimum order requirements of 2,000ft except on pre-production samples. Lower quantities with Lot charges can be negotiated. Our Roll Die & Straightener Tooling is Adjustable and can easily be changed or added to without cost . Our In-line Cutoff Tooling has smaller, inexpensive inserts making any tooling that we may have to make, (which is rare), very inexpensive and it`s most often Donated. Johnson Bros. even has Existing Adjustable Roll Dies that can Produce Hems on the inside or outside of the legs on these U-channels & J-channels. U & J Channels with other than 90 Degree bends with legs Tilted In or Tilted Out, may require very little or no extra tooling as most of the tooling used comes from a regular set of 90 Degree bend channel tooling and standard hemming rolls. Hems are generally .250"-.125" and sometimes smaller.

High Speed Roll Forming is available. Greater Length Tolerances allow Faster Production however, our modernized length control system allows normal production speeds at close tolerances as well. Tolerances on legs and web of +/- .032 are common with +/- .005 and sometimes less are possible. Highly Accurate Roll Straighteners and Die Boosts allow for very straight parts without kinks from the cutoff operation.

Contact us today for a quote on our Metal Channels including stainless channels, steel channels, aluminum channels, brass channels, copper channels and even bronze channels.

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