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Gwenco Manufacturing

Looking for Gwenco Metal Fabricating or Woodside Eng. in Franklin Park, Illinois? The roll forming and other tooling assets and capabilities from Woodside Engineering were obtained by Gwenco Metal Fabricating many years ago.

Recently, Johnson Bros Metal Forming Co. in Berkeley, Illinois has obtained the roll forming, dies and other tooling assets from Gwenco Metal Fabricating, which included the Woodside Engineering tooling, adding to their product line capabilities, to become the new vendor for the Gwenco and Woodside customers. Unfortunately, Gwenco and Woodside Eng. are now no longer in business.

As an overview on the most recent company Gwenco; Gwenco Metal Fabricating was a custom metal roll forming specialist that met the diverse, high-volume needs of manufacturers in any industry with competitive prices, quality products and personal attention. Their location in an international transportation and manufacturing hub enabled them to provide quality, cost-effective roll formed parts; on-time delivery to OEM clients throughout the United States; and JIT services for select customers.

Their products included:

Angles. Gwenco had the roll form equipment and variety of standard tooling that allowed them to produce a wide selection of custom roll formed angles and sizes:

  • 1/2" to 3" legs, even or offset
  • .020 to .187 thickness of mild to half hard steel Lengths from 6" to 30', with tolerances that met or exceeded industry standards

Channels. Their roll form versatility extended to their roll formed channel production, where they could meet a wide range of custom needs and sizes:

  • 1/4" to 31/2" wide
  • Legs from 1/4" to 2"
  • Material widths from .625" to 7.875"
  • Gauges from .020 to .137
  • Lengths from 6" to 30'

Stampings. Their full-service shop, outfitted with a wide selection of interchangeable equipment and tooling, enabled them to easily meet any manufacturer's custom roll formed stamping needs:

  • Progressive stamping of flat stock and wire
  • Hand-fed stamping of flat stock and wire
  • Cut to length
  • Coil feed

Struts. Gwenco possessed the standard tooling and interchangeable equipment that allowed them to deliver roll formed struts in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to meet any manufacturer's specs:

  • Gauges from .030 to .137

Rings. Their custom capabilities allowed them to provide roll formed rings in diameters from 18" to 72" that matched the sizes of both their channels and angles:

  • 1/2" to 3" legs, even or offset
  • .020" to .187" thickness of mild to half hard steel
  • Lengths from 6" to 30', with tolerances that meet or exceed industry standards
  • 1/4" to 6" wide depending on leg length
  • Material widths from .625" to 7.875"
  • Gauges from .020 to .137

Providing full service for their clients meant using their design and fabrication capabilities, tooling versatility, and equipment variety to generate new and related smaller profiles that can be used in conjunction with a customer's roll formed parts. By giving manufacturers both the roll formed products and fabricating the smaller, corresponding parts, they simplified the entire production process for their clients, helping them save time and money. They bought raw materials from suppliers who have provided the highest-quality steel at competitive prices for generations, helping to maintain a rejection rate of less than 1%. Johnson Bros. now continues this practice for their customers.

The size of Johnson Bros.` shop and the versatility of our tooling allow us to specialize in filling large-volume roll form orders, but we're small enough to offer personalized consultation and service. All our clients have direct access to our salespeople - if you are a former Gwenco or Woodside Eng. customer, call us, and you will receive personalized telephone service from a former Gwenco employee.

Please call us at Johnson Bros at 708.449.7050 so we can assist you and any former customers of Woodside Engineering Co and Gwenco Metal Fabricating Co or you can email us at

Proudly Servicing American, Canadian & International Companies on all custom roll forming needs!
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