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Stainless Steel Moulding and Stainless Steel Molding are our specialty.

* All Products are produced to order. No Stock Products.

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Stainless Steel Mouldings have been around for a couple centuries. There have been different methods used to make them such as by pressing a form or profile into the metal. What`s been done since the early 1900`s is to form them in a series of rollers called Roll Forming. Johnson Bros. has been producing Roll Formed Stainless Mouldings since the late 1940`s and we still do using a variety of modern technologies.

Minimum Quantity and ordering

2,000 lineal feet of custom or standard Stainless Moulding is the minimum we produce. Different lengths can total into that amount.

Johnson Bros. is a manufacturer of Stainless Moldings and we do not have and carry stock moldings or mouldings on our shelves as some may need for 1,2,5,10 or 50 pieces. That is not what we do or sell. The only stock we may hold is for large orders that have shipments all at one time in monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly releases.

Finishing Technology for Stainless parts

Many years ago stainless parts were made from a standard dull finish, then polished to a bright or brushed satin or another finish or even painted afterward. Today, a Stainless Steel Molding would begin by having our raw stainless material pre-polished in advance before we roll form it. Additionally, most often for best protection of the surface finish, a strippable-pvc covering is applied to the raw stainless material on the polished side, before we form it as well. The strippable-pvc usually stays on the formed mouldings until they are received by the customer. It comes in clear or clear blue. The customer removes it just before using or installing it, so that the finish remains as good as possible. This also brings savings in the cost of the packaging. It is possible, in many cases, to provide parts that have been roll formed without the strippable-pvc using expensive bronze tooling or Johnson Bros may strip the strippable-pvc before packing the mouldings. In that case, packaging costs for parts without pvc are high, to try to prevent surface finish problems that can occur in storage, material handling and shipping.

Manufacturing Technology for Stainless Mouldings (Moldings)

The latest in roll die design software is used to make the roll dies used to make your parts. There are proprietary methods also developed that help make high quality from the roll dies. The roll forming machine along with the presses, both pre-notch and cutoff presses, are controlled by computer programming with servo drives, controllers, encoders, die boosts, die accelerators and other latest proprietary methods. In our cutoff and prenotch press dies, we are able to use gag punching so that many operations are possible in the same die. In a sense, we have combined roll forming and stamping all in one operation at one time for the best possible pricing and quality. Secondary operations are available when needed, or are used for low volume orders.

Stainless Material

For best price, standard alloys of stainless will be used. There are standard T430 for low price with polish or T409 for low price less polish, each not known for the best oxidation resistance choice. With alloys that hold up to longer periods before oxidation, we recommend and use T304, T302, or T301 alloy which would be pre-polished if needed but otherwise is dull. T200 alloy is also available in several gauges that acts like T304 but costs less. There are also grades of dull finishes just as there are with bright and satin finishes, but they are rarely needed. Standard dull is fine for 99% of projects. Dull finish is most recommended for applying the finish in a secondary operation. Starting with a satin or bright finish will not work properly to try to add to or change the finish. There are other alloys, most non-standard, that will bring higher and higher resistance to oxidation and prices and minimum orders go up as the grade goes up, such as T316 and T321 and others.

There are other alloys, most non-standard, that will bring higher and higher resistance to oxidation and prices and minimum orders go up as the grade goes up, such as T316 and T321 and others. Standard grades of bright finishes cost less but the higher mirror type finish, the more expense. Satin finishes can vary as well but at less cost variation. Other facts: T400 series alloys can be attracted by a magnet and T300 series cannot. A good way to check out a sample you may have gotten to see which alloy works best and the cost variation.

You can be confident that if you choose Johnson Bros. to accomplish production of your Stainless Steel Moldings, you will get the precision parts along with top notch pricing and the lead times you require.

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