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There are limitations to this roll formed shape ring forming process, however. Angle or Channel Rings made with Roll Formed Parts cannot be made by taking shapes already produced in a different manufacturing operation in straight lengths, such as Extruding, Drawing, Pressing or Hot Rolling, and putting them through a roll forming machine to be bent into a ring. This is a completely different, separate manufacturing method called Rolling and is usually only beneficial on small volumes, thick parts over .125" thick, or parts too thick to be bent into smaller diameters on a roll forming machine. It is also very difficult to bend very wide parts into rings. This is because roll formed shape rings come off the machine vertically, side-by-side, in a spiral coil or slinky form. This causes twist to be put into the shape. Very wide shapes can be made into roll formed rings when the diameter is large enough or a small diameter ring's volume is high enough to use specialized equipment that will cut the part to length before it can be spiraled side by side. This usually requires a stop/start capability on the roll former for each ring, which can be problematic for part or diameter distortion. Rings are very rarely produced from Precut lengths or blanks as end distortion and straight ends become a problem. Request a quote now for filter rings, dome rings, ring spinning, channel rings, light clamps, ring bands, and bezel rings.

Bending units on roll forming machines are usually not meant to be used with materials over .125" thick, or when they have long vertical dimensions, as they are lighter duty than the three roll secondary fabricating "Rolling" machines and do not roll the shape back and forth gradually into the ring form. Though roll formed shapes can be bent inline into rings, in more than one bending station, it still is not a substitute for a separate three roll bending machine when "Rolling" is necessary. Very long vertical dimensions can be a problem even more so on thinner parts as waviness can occur in that dimension when multiple bend units or unpowered bend units are not used. Flat Wire is usually not bent into rings with the sides inside or outside of the diameter for this reason. Shapes that have a lot of corners on one side and a long, flat horizontal dimension on the other side can also be difficult to form without the horizontal portion becoming conical after bending into ring form. Roll Formed Channel or Angle Rings are almost always never bent with the part facing sideways. Johnson Brothers rings make ideal filter rings, dome rings, ring spinning, channel rings, light clamps, ring bands, and bezel rings.

Roll Formed shape rings are not a substitute for small stamped bezels. Stamped bezel rings are made when it is not possible to make the ring any other way and expensive scrap from the inside of the ring is offset by the separate end joining and end finishing afterward on very small diameters. Tubing is not bent into rings unless it has an Open Seam and the general rule on the size of the tube to the size of the ring diameter is followed, although Lock Seam & Open Seam Tubing can be stretch formed or sweep bent sideways or vertically. Learn more about our ring clamps, clamp bands, clamp rings, face rings, lighting rings, dial rings, face rims, face clamps, lighting clamps, band clamps, adjustable clamps, aluminum clamps, v-band clamps, mounting rings, clamping rings and rim clamps.

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