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Decorative Rings (Angle Rings, Rims, etc.)

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Decorative Flanges

Decorative Flanges
Many times customers refer to Leg-In Angle Rings as Flanges as well. These are generally easier to form and bend than the Leg-Out Flanges. A Decorative Brass Leg-In Angle Ring Flange is shown in the photo image above. Decorative Flanges are frequently produced as Trim Rings that can also be functional Clamps for the Consumer, OEM products, Vehicular Wheel Rims and many other industries.

Decorative Rings - Prefinishing

Prefinishing is much less expensive than post finishing, when Decorative Rings are required. Prefinishes on metal that we provide are Polished satin and bright, sometimes Strippable PVC Covered, Plated, Painted, Vinyl Coated, Galvanized, Aluminized, Galvannealed and more. These coatings are used on rings that are not under a great deal of stress during forming and bending as given in the bullet points shown above. Thicknesses for Prefinished Angle Rings should be .060" and less with our forming method. Angle Ring Flanges that are too thick, or formed with too much stress on the metal, can then be finished after forming. Request a quote for decorative rings, reinforcement rings, tank rings, lense rings, v-bands, and ring rolling.

Johnson Bros. can provide our Flanges as:
  • Cut-to-Length, with unwelded ends.
  • Cut-to-Length, with welded joints, (that may be ground flush, when necessary).
  • Cut-to-Length, with ends prepared for customer clamp assemblies.
  • Cut-to-Length, with ends prepared inline with clamp attachments fully assembled here.
  • Coiled into Helex Form, uncut formed into Spirals.

Request a quote for decorative rings, reinforcement rings, tank rings, lense rings, v-bands, and ring rolling. Johnson Brothers also makes ring clamps, clamp rings, angle rings, rolled rings, display rims, metal rims, stainless steel rims, stainless rings, aluminum rings, stainless steel rings, retainer rings, steering wheel rings, retaining rings, stainless clamps, and metal rings.

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