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About our Wire Forming Capabilities - February 15, 2008

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Johnson Bros. has received many requests for wire parts from our customers. Recently, Johnson Bros. has begun manufacturing special styles of wire parts by customer requests. There are many different types of wire formed parts and it can be confusing to understand exactly what types of manufactured wire parts that we do and do not do.  In order to clear up these questions, here’s a description of what types of wire parts manufacturing we do and don’t do.

Our capabilities do NOT include:
We don’t do wire forming or bending for products such as hooks, clothes hangers, or keychain rings. Our capabilities do not include four slide, stamping, or bending machines that will bend the wire into 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 or more different bends. 

Here’s what our capabilities DO now include:
Our wire products are either in straight lengths or in ring form only. With wire, we are limited to how thick a flat or square wire can be, or how large a round wire can be, to form a wire ring’s diameter. The possible diameter depends on the thickness or diameter of the wire or small rod. Our straight wire and wire ring parts would be wire formed as follows:

1. Flat, round, square, special shaped wire that is straightened and cut-to-length inline.
2. Flat, Round, Square, Special Shaped wire that is straightened and cut to length, with the addition of holes, end fabrications, embossings, and more that are done inline to the wire.
3. Flat, Square or Round Wire, which is in a straight or in ring finished form, that was rerolled and cold extruded into a different profile or linear shape, than what it began as. These parts may, or may not have, the added holes, end fabricating, embossings and other inline fabrications, performed on them. Contact Johnson Brothers for a quote on wire coils, wire coiling, wire hoops, wire spirals, wire spiraling, rod rings, rolled wire rings, wire rims, shaped wire rims, and other wire formed products.
4. Any Flat, Round, Square or Special Shaped wire parts that are rerolled into a coil or helix of rings, as apposed to being cut to length individual rings or ring segments.
5. Any Flat, Round, Square or Special Shaped wire parts that are straightened, then bent inline into cut-to-length, individual, ring or ring segments.

* A 3" diameter minimum is the current minimum capacity of our equipment.
*The thicker or larger the diameter wire to be used is, requires a larger ring diameter for our process to work.
* Wire can be used that has been prefinished as: preplated, prepainted, prepolished or coated with prelaminated vinyl and most any other coatings. Using prefinished wire can add to big savings for our customers. The only exception is that the #3 wire manufacturing process above, cannot be performed with prefinished wire.

Your questions and inquiries into our product capabilities are always welcome.  Thank you for taking the time to send them.  See our examples of light clamps, rim clamps, clamp rings, and v-rings, too.  You can also learn more about our rings, rims, and clamps.

Sincerely Yours,
Brad Johnson, Sr. V.P. Gen. Mgr.


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