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Metal Forming Newsletter

November 28, 2007

Many of our customers and potential customers know something about the process of Roll Forming metal that Johnson Bros. employs to obtain parts and components to fit their needs.  We have found that although our customers know something about us, they may not know as much about us that they could, to help them with decision making.

Customers in every industry we serve (over 125), are looking for the more unique capabilities we have and otherwise, are generally interested in news about our company’s manufacturing processes.  Here are a few examples of topics we will be providing for you.

"Roll Forming or Stamping?"

Johnson Bros. Has the ability to roll form metal parts as an alternative (with lower die costs), to long metal stampings that incur extremely high tooling costs. “Very Expensive” stamping dies for longer parts and for parts with length changes, can be prohibitive enough to merit a look into roll forming your parts as opposed to having them produced as stampings.  Please contact us for these jobs where lower cost tooling is a must on longer parts, over 6” in most cases. We can provide prices for you to compare our die and parts costs to your stamping costs.  Many inline fabrications are provided now in Roll Forming that makes our Roll Forming operations even more appealing than stampings.

Johnson Bros. uses high speed cutoff and inline fabrication presses to accompany our roll forming operation making our manufacturing a mix of both the stamping and roll forming fabrication industries.  This allows for die costs sharing between both forming methods to provide the most economical die costs possible.

"Breaking off Shorter Parts from Longer Parts"

In some cases, Roll Forming can also be used as a stamping alternative when parts are shorter in length, that would normally be produced as stampings.  When possible, inline fabricating by presses in the roll forming process, can provide the same fabricating required on a short stamped part.  These short parts can be roll formed with all of the required inline fabrication, providing that the burr at the ends where they will be broken off by hand, will not be an issue.  Roll Forming can produce these shorter parts with indented lateral lines on a longer roll formed part,  that will allow the end user to break the parts off by hand at these indented line locations.  Thus, Roll Forming can be used when a break off bu rr is allowed at the ends. This process is also used on very short roll formed parts especially when annual volume is low which makes higher stamping die costs even less desirable.  Many times customers go to roll formers like us in these situations when the part can be made by the stamping or roll forming progress but the repeatable annual quantity is too low to give them the lower amortized tooling costs they need.

We will be continuing to issue these newsletters and press releases at least once per month or as we find extra special news to give you about our manufacturing method or our latest company news. We will attempt to keep them as brief as possible for you so as not to be a large time consumer.  For now we can say that Johnson Bros. status is strong with expansion plans ongoing. Potential buildings sites are being visited, locally, to allow our growing sales and production capacity to increase even more than the over $8,000,000 in sales dollars from 2006, over a 10% increase from 2005.

Sincerely Yours,
Brad Johnson, Sr. V.P. Gen. Mgr.

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